Halloween Bash VIII

Elks 593 Membership Drive | Open To Public

October 29th 2022 | 7PM – Close

Aberdeen WA #593 Elks Lodge | 1712 S Boone St, Aberdeen, WA 98520
(Updated 09/19/22 @ 10PM)
3 years later, we are going to attempt to bring this event back from the dead.
EVENT DETAILS (Subject to change):
!!! 21+ WITH VALID ID !!!
$15 cover charge (CASH ONLY for cover, no change cover purchase appreciated, BARS ACCEPT PLASTIC)
Multiple NO host bars
Deep fried munchies menu
Mystic Sound & Lighting
DJS: Mysticist GillBone Bawg Deadpoole
7PM – 10PM | Dancing To The Oldies Through Bruno Mars
10PM – Close | EDM & Hip Hop
Bar / Antler Room:
6PM – 10PM | The Randy Band
10PM – Close | The Steve Jacobson Karaoke Experience
Banquet Room:
Alan’s Encore Photo
This event is a Membership Drive so you DO NOT need to be a member to attend. It is built to support the growth of the 593, there will be plenty of members in attendance to sponsor you if you are interested in joining the worlds greatest fraternal organization. If you ever wanted to join, this night will make it really easy for you.
A Message From MSALDJ:
We have gone through a lot of transformation over the shutdown years of the Pandemic, and the experience may be a little different as we all shifted our focuses in mixing. This is the deal, our massive setup has been sitting in storage for roughly 3 years. With that age there is a high probability that certain things aren’t going to wake up. We are going to build the biggest setup we can with the electronics that are still alive and that’s gonna be it.
A Message From The Photographer:
Will be offering 4×6 Halloween photos for $5. Studio opens at 8!
A Message From Security:
We intentionally try to build a very intense, sometimes dark environment for this party. If you cannot handle your alcohol, or intense environments make you aggressive, we ask that you please do not attend this event and kill the vibe for everyone else who is there to have fun.
Bartenders will only be serving attendees that are wearing the wrist band that you will receive after cover and age verification.

Who are we?

Started out as 2 Jr. High kids wanting to be DJs. We did our first gig in 1999 or 1998 (this is still open to debate) and A/C*Voltage DJ Service was formed. With a strobe light, a house stereo and a business license we were up and rolling.
Eventually that dream morphed into Mystic Sound and Lighting and we have been on a quest of expansion ever since. We have spent the last 20 years investing in the insane setup that we have today. Where this goes from here, noone knows, but we’re gonna keep having fun and pretending we aren’t getting old for as long as we can.