It’s been a while since we updated this page, so I figured I would share our status.


The beginning of Covid pretty much put a knife through the heart of this company & experiment.  Our thoughts go out to everyone, especially those in the entertainment industry that got their businesses destroyed.  But, we are slowly working on getting all of our gear back out of storage and getting everything tested for hopefully a return to the nightlife in 2022.  We shall see…  Till then, keep an eye on MSALDJ Live for future streaming based projects as winter begins to set in.  Like all things, this too shall pass.  Keep ya’ head up, and keep partyin’.  To the break of dawn yo.
Who are we? 
Started out as 2 Jr. High kids wanting to be DJs. We did our first gig in 1999 or 1998 (this is still open to debate) and A/C*Voltage DJ Service was formed. With a strobe light, a house stereo and a business license we were up and rolling. 
Eventually that dream morphed into Mystic Sound and Lighting and we have been on a quest of expansion ever since. We have spent the last 20 years investing in the insane setup that we have today. Where this goes from here, noone knows, but we’re gonna keep having fun and pretending we aren’t getting old for as long as we can.